Emerging Commodity Trading Advisors

Aleph Strategies LLC

Aleph Options Trading Program seeks to produce non-correlated returns through a predominantly short options strategy focused on the S&P 500. Option contracts are written at a sufficient distance to allow, in most cases, for the options to expire worthless. Primarily uncovered options are sold although occasionally spreads are utilized. Learn More »

Buckingham Global Advisors, LLC

The Weekly E-mini Program from Buckingham Global Advisors, LLC is guided by a proprietary trading model developed to trade the E-mini weekly volatility. The program uses a proprietary options strategy, which includes options selling and options writing, to capitalize on the systematic entry signals produced by the program. The program has been refined to achieve the desired returns while limiting account drawdowns. Products traded in the program are E-mini S&P 500 futures and options. The strategy has been tested against 18 years of real data in attempt to achieve decent SharpeRatio. Learn More »